Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Done, and Done.

Ok, that's out of the way. Im not really happy with the turnout of my essay but I figure just handing it in on time and attempting to answer the question should get me a 'Pass', and anything else beyond that is a bonus. Anyway, it feels great to have it done. Now, Im in one of those moods where Ive been working for like 30 hours and now that Im done Im not sure what I should be doing. But Im sure I can think of something. Sleep comes to mind.

Also, I feel like I have crossed the finish line. Like, whatever has happened in the last 3 years is behind me and I never have to worry about writing another essay again. The only thing left to do is get a job. I dont know. Im not making sense right now because Im so drained. I think its best if I catcha nap before I think myself to death.

Its over.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Working Hard, or Hardly Working?

Do you ever notice
that when you have a task you dread
you find a million other "necessary"
chores to do instead?

Like, I haven't cleaned my room in weeks
but today seems like the day
to vaccume up the potato chip crumbs
and put all my clothes away.

Then Ill alphabetize my CD case
and straighten out my books,
give myself a manicure
and put all my towels on their hooks.

And right now seems ike the perfect time
to polish my guitar
and while Im taking out the trash,
I think Ill stop and wash the car.

Then it's do a load of laundry,
sit down and have a drink,
then while Im in the kitchen,
do all the dishes in the sink.

Even writing stupid poems
is a form of procrastination
and a testimony of my laziness
and lack of organization.

Add in a lot of pacing
and you pretty much have my day.
Because Ill do just about anything
to avoid this dumb essay.


Sunday, May 29, 2005


Yes, thats right. Im screwed. I have a 2500 word essay to write on an article I can barely read on a question I dont understand... by tomorrow. Currently drinking some pepprmint tea to soothe my raw nerves and then its hitting the books until I finish this thing! I read Luke an excerpt from the article I have to use and he said, and I quote, "I would rather have a 3rd nipple than read that." Yes. Well put indeed. Wish me luck, it's going to be a long night.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Poverty Sucks

I was feeling a little overwhelmed this morning because I realized that I owe Luke $500. Not like he is demanding the money from me right away, but still, with the Thailand trip and having to ship 3 years worth of crap from Australia to America I am feeling a bit high and dry for cash. Yeah, I have 2 jobs, but the fish shop has cut my hours down to 3 every other week (since Luke and I alternate shifts) and at the office I am on the bottom of the food chain and have to give up the computer if someone who works full time needs it, which is always, leaving me with nothing to do so I leave. So money is not coming from work and its not coming from Luke and I HATE asking for money from home (even though I did this time) Im still not sure how Im going to cover this. Im thinking of selling my computer and I get money back from canceling my health insurance when I leave, so everything will be ok I know, but at the moment I dont really know what to do.

My only consolation is that I might be trading in my Canon SLR camera for a spiffy 8 megapixel digital Nikon. I found a webpage selling them for $350 new, which is what I am hoping to sell my camera for (because in Australia electronics are WAY expensive- a lesser model than the one I want was selling for $1600 in the mall instead of $350!!) so it will about even out and I will not have to shell out my pockets for it, when I dont really have the money anyway. Fingers crossed it will work because I want a sweet camera for Thailand. And, Im getting bored with just writing here, I want to be able to post more photos and a digital is the way to go.

So other than being poor things are generally good. Talking it easy this weekend and preparing to write my final assignent of my college career. Exciting.... ish. Thinking of everyone back home and hoping you have a nice summer. Congrats to all my graduates! Well done!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


YEY! Yey for Matt Bowen intercepting a pass in overtime and scoring a try for Queensland's win against NSW. Good for them. I like rugby. That was tonight, and what a great game. I wore my new super-cute beanie and got lots of nice comments on it. It is indeed, as I had hoped, a very cute hat.
: )

Earlier I went over to Sabs and finished cutting my very first gemstone while the boys had their afternoon nap. It came out ok to the untrained eye, but when my friend / teacher Shaun, aka Yoda, sees it he will point out all the things I should do differently for next time. Ill admit, the stone has so many wrong angles it looks more like a Picasso than a gem, but for a first time I think I did OK! I had a little help, of course.

Yup, last Club night tomorrow, EVER! I cant believe the semester is over. Im hoping to see a lot of friends out tomorrow because I will be sad if it is an average night. Also! a few days ago my favoritest and oldest fish tried to kill himself by jumping upstream into the filter and got trapped there... we found him and had a laugh about it, but he was ok. Yesterday he tried again, only landed on the glass lid, and I caught him and put him back into the water. Tonight I came home and he was dried out and stuck to my desk, as I was too late to save him. How sad. I guess there wasnt much for him to live for after he ate his girlfriend.

And on that note, I havent really had a break from doing stuff all day and its officially Thursday now so Im going to sleep. Forward ho to the weekend.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Not Wanted

Its been a weird couple of days. Im not too sure how to describe whats going on, but it has stressed me out a lot emotionally so I think I will try to explain it here as best I can and hopefully it will make me feel a bit better.

So, the last two times Ive talked to my mother at home, she has brought up "preparing me" for the crap I will recieve from certain unnamed family members when I get home about how I hae chosen to live my life, ie, I prefer to be a bit more of a free spirit and embrace the fact that I have very few responsabilities and enjoy being young, travel, meet people, have fun, everything I have been doing up until this point.

It seems, however, that now that I am graduating all that has to end, according to my right wing, old fashioned republican side of the family. It seems that I am expected to graduate college, get a full time job for the next 40 years in the same town, get married, raise a family, have a mortgage, then retire from that same job at age 65 and move to Florida. No. Im not kidding. The fact that I am in Australia in the first place makes them grumble. So, essentially when I get home I am expected to adhere to that "good old fashioned Yankee work ethic" and because theres no way in the hottest Hell im going to be like a 1955 nuclear family my life is going to be fairly difficult until I can get as far away from it as I can.

That may sound harsh, and my mom even accused me of "bashing the US" when I said that, but I have been other places, and seen other things, and I know that the person I was before I left CT is very different from who I am now, and I don't want home to squash out everything I've learned while being away. I am American, but it doesn't mean I cant incorporate a little of what I learned from other places into who I am. And it doesnt mean I have to stop learning. Screw living like everyone else. Im happy being a little different. I have always been pretty good at accepting other people for who they are and the choices they've made. I dont think there is one specific thing that happenes in someones life that defines who they are. I dont judge people harshly, and I only wish I were granted the same consideration. Life would be so much nicer.

Sunday, May 22, 2005


This is an example of what happens when your mom signs on to your sister's screen name in CT and is talking to you while meanwhile your sister comes back to her computer in Scotland and thinks you're having a conversation with yourself. See if you can tell at which point the universe shifts:

Meekz1: yeah the little knob that moves the air vent went flying
Kfrin88: hah
Meekz1: i think he meant to hit the dashboard but missed because it was dark. why do men think hitting stuff will fix it?
Kfrin88: men are different...idk....it's the frustration thing
Kfrin88: hey
Meekz1: yeah
Meekz1: he says i was being too critical of him
Kfrin88: what?
Kfrin88: about banging on the car?
Meekz1: yeah
Kfrin88: who?
Kfrin88: what are you talking about?
Meekz1: luke
Kfrin88: ok... so maybe you should tell me what happened?
Meekz1: i did
Kfrin88: when?
Meekz1: who is this?
Kfrin88: your sister
Kfrin88: mom
Meekz1: OH MY GOD
Kfrin88: what
Kfrin88: hahahahahha
Meekz1: you and mom are both talking to me on the same name
Kfrin88: ha ha
Meekz1: im so confused
Kfrin88: HA HA sorry
Kfrin88: this is mom...i'll stop talking oK?
Meekz1: that was weird
Kfrin88: I was like what is she talking about... randomly IM me
Meekz1: haha
Kfrin88: out of no where
Meekz1: i was talking to mom
Kfrin88: ok
Kfrin88: talk to mom then
Meekz1: ok
Kfrin88: ok
Kfrin88: what? are you back?
Kfrin88: this is mother
Meekz1: yes
Meekz1: are you staying?
Kfrin88: when?
Meekz1: now
Meekz1: are you going to talk to me
Kfrin88: ummm sure
Meekz1: who is this now?
Kfrin88: mom
Meekz1: ok
Kfrin88: but its so weird
Meekz1: can kate still see what were saying?
Kfrin88: yes
Kfrin88: yes
Meekz1: LOL

...Its a miracle I turned out as normal as I have...

My Life's Calling

Today I went to volunteer at the RSPCA in Townsville. I hadnt been for about 6 months or more because I had a bad experience there and got turned off for a while, but Ive been wanting to go back again lately. It's so theraputic for me to go and play with the cats, or brush off the dogs, or even do more useful things like clean pens or feed them. At one point I was sitting cross-legged on the floor and had 3 cats in front of me, 4 sleeping on my lap, and one on my back, and I thought, 'wow, this makes me happy.' Today I've been bitten, scratched, kicked, stepped on, licked, chased by roosters, pawed, clawed, barked at, jumped on, climbed on, 2/3 of my body is covered in mud and/or dog saliva, and I think theres something stuck to my shoe. But, I have not been in a better mood in a long time.

I also saved a kitten who was sick. She was really lethargic and dehydrated, didnt respond to me when I tried to play or snapped my fingers, and thats not good. It took me less than 10 minutes with the cat to notice this, and tell the staff. They dont notice these things because they put the cats out in the morning and put them to bed in the afternoon and dont spend any time actally watching them like I do. They took her to get help after that. That makes 3 times saving cats there for me; the first time was when I caught them playing with a cane toad which had gotten into the pen (theyre poisonous), a definite no- no for kitties. The second time was when I discovered an outbreak of cat flu, which was the experience that ultimately made me too upset to go back for months, but thats another story.

So, its been a satisfying day all in all. I think Im going to go rest and shower now, I put in a bit of hard work today, but I have never felt anything was so worth it.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

My JennyFur and Coldness

Today was a little mellow. Slept in and basically wasted the day. Last night we went over to Bludgers to watch a comedy trio called Tripod. It was pretty good, a nice way to spend an evening. Besides the fact that it was so COLD! I didn't stick around after the show too long because even though I messaged Luke and asked him to bring me long sleeves, he managed to bring me a short sleeved t shirt. Oh well, I suppose it's the thought that counts. Then, my personal space heater Mitchell left too so I was a popcicle and walked home and went to bed.

I really wanted to go see Henry IV this weekend but I couldnt find anyone to go with tonight since Luke is studying and I dont think I can get tickets anymore. Wah. My other option was a friend's 21st, but I wasnt technically invited and even though he wouldnt have minded if I showed up I had a sudden onslaught of shyness and decided not to go. Silly, huh?

So now Im talking to Jenn, who despite 3 different countries and 4 years apart is still like my sister. We can be separated and not talk for months and yet when we get together its like no time has passed. Everyone needs at least one friend like that. Bicontinental relationships can and do work, people! I have several and hope to keep them. Anyway, time for bed. Big hugs and kisses to all!

Lukie, me, and Jenn crammed into a phone box in London  Posted by Hello

Jenn trying to take a picture of herself in the mirror... I think? Posted by Hello

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Almost Done

Well im in my last week of lectures EVER. How weird. I think I am ok though, I have lots to look forward to. Its been a couple of days since Ive written, so heres some of the stuff thats been going on;

Last night I thought about driving to Ayr for the One Night Stand concert that was going on there, but I didnt have access to the car until like 7 pm and by then it was too late. As a consolation prize, Luke and I went to play some pool and saw the new Star Wars movie that came out at midnight. Now, I like the old Star Wars a lot, dont get me wrong, but the new ones just dont impress me. The old ones were good because of what they did with the budget and technology they had. Now, they just play with computers like everyone else, way over budget and not that well written. Heres an example of the dialogue:

Anakin: You are so beautiful.
Padme: Thats because Im so in love.
Anakin: Im more in love with you.
Padme: No, I love you more.
Anakin: No, I love you more...

Etcetera, etcetera... GAG.

But, they kept Jar Jar Binks well out of it so that made me happy. So anyway, that was fun. Tonight Im hoping to go out for a bit after I eat Mexican food with the girls next door. And thats about it.

Feel-betters to:

My sister Katie whose life is always more manic than mine,
an Roz, who had her appendix out!

Monday, May 16, 2005

Jammie Pants

Its starting to get cool enough at night now that I can bring out the long pajama pants. Maybe the reaosn I havent been sleeping, like, ever... is because Ive been waking up cold. OK, so its 75 degrees out, but that feels cold once youve been here a while ok???

Today was a long day. I feel like Ive been on my feet for hours and it feels great to lie down and snuggle under my blanket. I wish I had someone to snuggle with besides my Tassie devil but alas anyone who might want to cuddle is asleep!

Which reminds me, Im in a very Shakespeare mood today. After seeing Kiss me Kate friday and maybe going to see Henry IV this weekend Ive found myself about to use phrases like "alas" "ay, me.." and "good morrow, cos." I even wore my Shakespeare shirt today. WOW, I am a huge dork. Maybe Ill watch Hamlet before bed. That'll put me sleep if nothing else.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Right, so I got my essay 95% done, all I have to do is type it out between jobs tomorrow. Piece of cake. I plan on leaving early to come home and give myself plenty o' time to get it done and handed in. Sorted. I just couldnt do anymore tonight, I was getting so bored and burnt out, so Luke and I watched Dirty Dancing, which I hadnt seen since I was like 13. Its fun that I have a guy that will watch girlie movies with me! And I do take full advantage of that too. Heheh..

While I was procrastinating earlier today by going through some stuff to decide what I want to take home with me and what I have to ditch, I came across my big ol' red and black hat that I wore to the Cairns amateur horseraces last fall, and I started getting all nostalgic. That weekend was so much fun, staying with the Bryants and them cooking us a MASSIVE breakfast, Tom snoring like a wild animal, Mango the dog trying to bite cigarette smoke, getting all dressed up for the races, drinking wine all day and betting on whichever horse whose name I liked, laughing at Welshy country line dancing to the band in the parking lot afterwards and swimming in the creek on the way home..... Good times.

Its stuff like that that Im really going to miss when I go. I love the people here and I am so worried Im not going to fall back in with many of my old friends from before I left. I think Ive been out of the loop too long. 3 years has gone by inthe blink of an eye and I find myself exactly where I left off when I was home, and this part of my life snatched away from me, maybe forever. Its going to be huge and I cant seem to find anyone who can empathise. I feel so on my own.

My future home? Posted by Hello

Saturday, May 14, 2005


Above is the house my mom and Scott are seriously considering buying. Wow.


Again I didn't work on my essay today, and I dont seem to care that much. Instead I went over to some friends' house where my friend Shaun is teaching me how to cut gem stones. It's really complicated and time consuming but I think Im getting the hang of it. You can really appreciate how a stone goes from a lump to something you can put in a ring and the amount of work that goes into it. Also it was nice to get out of my room for a while and see some people so all in all it was a good day.

Tonight we went to go see the Cowboys play. It was a big grudge match against the two Queensland teams and.... we lost. It was a bummer but it was an exciting game, despite the kid next to me assaulting me with an inflatable giant finger half the time. Now, I actually have to stop being a blob and do some work so I can graduate. Nothing much on the cards for tomorrow I dont think, other than work, though I know what Id rather be doing.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Theatre Bug

Last night we went to see Kiss Me Kate put on by the Townsville Grammar school, which is where Luke coaches soccer and where he used to "live" before he started doing his course here (back when he pratically slept on my floor at Western Halls for about 6 months). I have to say, that was some of the most impessive high school theatre I have ever seen. Every single person in the cast was great, the costumes were amazing, and even the sets were unusually complicated... They are so lucky they get to perform at a real theatre like the civic theatre... not like the pitiful excuse for a stage we had at McTernan... my room at home had more wing space than that place. I miss doing that stuff though... not the being on stage stuff so much... because tha STILL terrifies me. But working on productions was fun, even if I preferred stage crew over acting.

Today I am sitting around while Luke is at class all day (again!) but at least I have the car today. Dont know what Im going to do yet, but Ill see what I can come up with because I HATE being bored.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Friday the 13th.. A Black Day for All

Ugh. Today hasn't started so well. That, Ill admit, is partially my fault. OK- totally my fault. It all started last night when I decided that I was going to go out and have some fun and began by having a glass of wine on my own before Luke came home... meanwhile I found some friends and had some more wine before heading over to The Club. Now, we all know how these nights go... One second you're fine and the next you're ass-over tit and needing to be carried home. Im not sure what put me over the edge but I think it might have been when I had a drag of Tyler's cigarette.. I was sooooo sick after that and just wanted to go home. And that's about all I remember, other than Luke putting on Finding Nemo for me and putting me to bed.

Now, Ive heard quite a few people say "Really? You were drunk? I can never tell with you!" Well to those of you that have yet to witness me fairly *ucked up, you missed a good show last night. Thank God I didnt try to get home myself or yall'd still be searching the bushes for me today.

And, Im feeling it. In fact, I think Im going to go lie down. I bought Luke and I tickets to go see Kiss Me Kate at the Civic Theatre tonight and I want to be awake enough to enjoy it.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Holy Crap, is that me?

Some people knew that I did some modeling last year for some photo student friends of mine, and Ive only just now actually seen any of the ones she's done, which Ive put below. I think they came out ok! Its weird to see me look like someone I dont think I look like... or something. Anyhoo, just thought Id share some of those. Kinda funky.

Photo by: Amanda Coppo Posted by Hello

Photo by: Amanda Coppo Posted by Hello

Photo by: Amanda Coppo Posted by Hello

Photo by: Amanda Coppo Posted by Hello

Here's The Thing...

Tonight, after cooking myself a glorious meal of lambchops, pasta and zucchini, I went out and played some pool with Luke after he got back from class. I beat him 3 out of 5 games. Why? Because Im an ace pool player. Haha. Not. We also had a very long chat about something Im guessing was on both our minds or else it would't have been nearly as easy as it was.

Basically, we finalized that when we leave Australia, we will be going back to our home countries for an indefinite period of time as single people. This is not to say that we have broken up for good, but we both acknowledge that neither of us are ready for the next step yet. He has things he wants to do at home, and I.. well, I seem to have become what he refers to as a "serial monogamist," only having had 2 serious relationhips without a long enough time in between. HE thinks I should be single for a while! I want to be single for a while. I think that will be good for me. And, I have thought that way for a while even though here in Oz Luke's and my life are sort of irreversibly intertwined. Anyway, it seems when I return home I will be a free woman.

I think some people have noticed that he and I have been spending less time together. Yet when Im asked, "is everyhig ok with you two?" I always say yes. Thats because everything IS ok... We are both on the same page as to what we want and have no problem with giving each other a little space. Hell, we'll have no choice in a couple of months, might as well get used to it.

Im happy we had that talk. I feel good about some of the choices I've made and I guess Im looking forward to having some time to myself in the future. The last time I was single I was afraid of boys! I have to say I will relish the chance have some freedom and maybe figure out when Im ready to commit for good.

Kate and Justin Posted by Hello

Feeling Uninspired

Didn't do the photos again today, because it has been pissing down rain most of the day. Hopefully tomorrow this freak wet weather will be gone. Also, Im running out of things besides homework to keep me busy... so it looks like Ill have to suck it up and do some reading. Thats about it for now. Above Im posting a photo of my sister Kate and her boy that I took from her homepage, just because she looks so CUTE!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

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Sunset Posted by Hello

Sonia, Roz and me at the beach Posted by Hello

He's a sucky-fish. He Sucks.

Today was spent doing chores and other such exciting things. I have decided to take the weekend to do my essay while Im bored and chill out a little more this week, so thats good. It's actually due on Friday. We also rented a cap and gown to have our grad photos taken in, and were supposed to go down to The Strand where it's pretty, but wouldnt you know it, the one day it's been cloudy in Townsville in weeks and its the day we have rented the gown. So, the photos have been postponed till tomorrow morning before we have to bring it back.

So, Im hanging around now, procrastinating by rearranging my fish tank. I got a a new sucker fish- my 3rd one- because they keep commiting suicide. They just suck their way up the side of the tank and over the edge, and no matter how well I try to cover it they manage to find the .5 inch hole where theres no glass. I'll find them fried behind the computer 5 days later. One I never found at all.... weird. He's probably started his own sucky- fish colony somewhere and is plotting revenge on me.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Laziness and Weird Dreams

Ok, I have actually become so lazy Ive moved my bed closer to my desk so I can lay down and have the computer on my lap. So since Im awake (again) I thought Id write about this freaking weird dream I had last night.

It started in Australia I think, and I was in a shopping center because I decided to mail care packages to all my friends, and put like food and money in them and stuff (nice of me, huh?). Then I found out that they were going to cost $50 to mail, so I gave up. Walking out, I saw 3 of my friends chatting at a table... one, Amy, i havent seen in years, another, Alice, havent seen in months, and also my friend Mitch who I saw... I dunno, last week I guess. I gave Mitch the care package that I was holding which I had squashed to try and make shipping cheaper (who knows why) and he said they were all going to a rock climbing gym and I should come along. I really wanted to go but had to go back to Lukes house (in England? But it lookd like CT) first and Id meet them there. When I got to his house his parents wouldnt let me in and they were ranting about what a horrible girl I was and how i shouldnt be with him.

Long story short, Mitch went to the climbing gym without me and I had to abseil down the side of Lukes house and crash in through the window.

Now, Im no dream analyst, but that right there tells me a lot. It tells me there are certain people who I worry what they think of me, ie. Lukes family. The fact that it takes place in America, Australia and England all at the same time tells me I want to blend my 3 lives together.

And it also tells me that there is a person in my life who I like, who I just want to be around, spend time with, and get to know. But for some reason, we dont seem to meet in the middle, and I dont know why. I wish that could change.

Chilled Out

Thank goodness the rest of the day wasn't as nuts as the morning. I still don't feel great and Im probably going to the doctor tomorrow or the next day, but I made it through work without fainting or anything. It really is amazing when you realize how very little you actually know about fish when you work at that shop. I only know about what Ive done from experience... which is mostly small, fresh water stuff... so every once in a while I can answer questions but most of the time I just have to say, "Sorry, cant help you. Get in the loooong line to ask the guy who can." Oh, that and Im cripplingly shy around customers. (much like I am in the rest of life..) But, Im getting used to it slowly. More later.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

My day so far

I am sick. Every single gland in my throat has decided to swell up painfully so I cant turn my head. Saying that, I am pretty out of it today and things keep happening that reflect that. I went into the office this morning and fought with the scanner/ copier for 2 hours while it decided not to save the 60 page docment I had just spent 30 minuets scanning in, and when finally I got it, the computer decided to reset itself while it was importing. Bugger. I pretended it didnt hapen and put the file aside for next week and left, since i feel kinda icky. On the way home the lens of my glasses FELL OUT while I was driving so I could only see out of one eye. Once Im home Luke wants to go to Stockland to pay of the Thailand trip, and says he will meet me at the car. I Walk to the car. Dammit, I left the car keys in my room. I go to my room, only to realize that I had locked my room key in there, along with the car keys. So down to the office I go to get the master key. All keys collected, I go back to the car. "Did you get the money?" Luke asks. No, I didnt. Bugger. Back down to my room again. Finally we get to Stockland and payed off the trip without a problem. Now, Im just waiting to go to my other work at the aquarium store, a shift which i wasnt even supposed to have today but since Luke has soccer training I have to cover for him when I can barely move my head or stand. Sometimes on days like this you just have to laugh. Ha.

Sleepless Again

It's going to be another one of those nights I've been having recently where I lie down to sleep at 11 and don't fall asleep until 3. I dont know whats wrong with me. It seems like there is so much going on in my head and no one to talk to about it, and even if there was I dont know what I would say. I guess I dont normally like to talk to people about stuff because I dont want to make my problems other people's probems, and in perspective my stuff isn't usually that bad.

See, this is what I mean: there is tons of stuff I am just busting to say but I can never find the right way to say it. Not even when Im talking to myself, like this, let alone to someone else. And its never during the day. Its always at night when Im alone staring at the screen or watching a movie by myself when I wish somone would just come along and just be here. Someone else who is as awake as me. But no matter. Eventually I'll fall asleep and most of the next day everything is fine. But right now I would kill for something other than the sound of my computer humming and someone to talk to until Im too tired to stay awake anymore.

My painting - based on a photo taken by a talented photographer I know ;) Posted by Hello

In the Money!

Something cool happened tonight! While I was at the pub watching the Cowboys (our local rugby team) playing- and losing- I decided to put the spare $2 I had in my pocket in the Pokies (like slot machines) and won $200 in one spin! Sweeeet. I was so happy. I never win! All of it is going to help pay off my trip to Thailand coming up in a couple of months. That will be awesome. So, I'm feeling kinda lucky tonight. Also, I'm borrowing my friend's digital camera at the moment so I will maybe be putting up some photos, including a painting I did recently. So, today wasn't so bad afer all. Hopefully I will get to bed earlyish tonight because I have both jobs tomorrow. I hate Mondays.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Me! (Im still figuring out how to do this...) Posted by Hello

Day 1

By request, I'm trying this blog thingy out. Honestly, I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier, with being way over here in Oz and away from the people I know in the States. But, even though I am coming home in less than 3 months, I guess its never too late to try.

I suppose one thing that scares me about this is actually telling people what I'm thinking. I was, after all, told from a fairly early age not to put anything in writing that you dont want coming back to haunt you. I have kept a journal on paper for years that I havent shown to a soul (and honestly would never want to- it's full of stuff that would be a younger brother's field day). That being said I will try to be as honest as I can here without posting anything incriminating or souding like a 15 year old... if at all possible!

So, yeah... Today. My fist blog. It's going to one of those days where I am frequently in front of the computer doing this and that since Luke is away at class... ALL DAY... on a sunday! It will like that for the next 3 weekends until this one class he's taking is over. I hate these days... my plan to sleep through most of it failed even though I was awake till 3am, and, being Sunday in Townsville, theres not much to do at all. So basically I'm hoping someone or something will come to my rescue today and keep me busy so I don't turn into some sort of cave person. OK, enough for now... Ill keep trying to figure out how to work this thing and maybe post some cooler stuff later.

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