Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Highway robbery!

How is it that they can charge 650 British pounds to fly from London-Singapore-Aukland-Sydney-Townsville, but 600 British pounds from London - New york???? Its madness I tell you!! (thats about US$1100 and AU$1500!!!!)

I Miss My Sister

These crack me up...

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Last Day of Work

Today was my last day of work at the surveying office. It was actually a pretty good day- normally I dont really like it there because theyre so unorganized and half the time I dont have a desk or a computer to work on, but I got loads done today and was able to leave with only a small pile of work for the next person to do. What was unexpected was that Kellie, one of the other girls that does admin, actually got me a going away present- a little beanie kangaroo and a note pad with koalas on it. I was so shocked because I didnt even think anyone was really aware that I was there half the time- at least not long enough to warrant giving me a desk or computer- but on top of that the rest of the office also got me a little silver Tassie devil, a cake and a huge bunch of flowers! I couldnt believe it. I guess I was more appreciated there than I thought.

The only downer to the day was when I left to go home and there was a parking fine on my windshield. Bugger. I accidentally parked in a 2 hr zone for 5 hours and forgot to go move the car halfway through the morning. The fine was about 2.5 hours worth of wages, so that sucked.

But, I didnt let it ruin my day. And, theres nothing else going on right now, so I suppose Ill go and try to get some packing done.

Monday, June 27, 2005


... Oh, and as an appendix to my last post, I went down to the payphone and the goddamn thing is broken. The only one within a 5 mile radius, Im sure. Im going to bed. :-[

In a Mood

I cant say anything good or bad or at all interesting happened today. Im in a bad mood because nothing seems to be going right or wrong or anywhere for that matter. I blew off work because I just didnt feel like going, and I only have to go 2 more times in my life EVER which is good because I hate it and bad because Ill have no money for the rest of the time Im here. We went to rent movies tonight but got home to realize that the DVD player didnt work. We took the videos right back and decided to go play pool. We got there and it was closed. Then we had an argument for a really STUPID reason and arent talking. Now Im just waiting for my mom to come online so I can call her which annoys my too because I cant call out from my room so i have to walk down to the payphone where anyone can listen to me and its cold. Grr. I am just frustrated for no reason today and I hate it, I hope tomorrow is better.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Who knew I was alergic to grass?

So, there I was, lying on my blanket in the sun, reading and listening to Simon and Garfunkel, utterly relaxed. When out of the blue, the fire alarm goes off next door for no apparent reason. No one could figure out how to shut it off. I hastily put my tank top on over my bikini top before the firemen arrived, so as not to give them a reason to stare at me, rolled off the blanket onto the grass and began to gather my things inside. Upon entering the kitchen and putting down my stuff, I noticed my arm was all itchy. Then the oter arm. And my ankles. I looked down and gasped- my arms and legs were covered with itchy red dots! Turns out when I rolled off the blanket I rolled into some sort of freaky Australian itchy grass, or something. I ran to take a shower and meanwhile the fire alarm was still blaring. After about 15 minutes of soaking, the redness started to go down and itch less, and now, 2 hours later, its completely gone. The lesson: don't touch ANYthing in this country unless you know it cant kill you! Im serious! Danger lurks everywhere! So much for my relaxing morning.

Friday, June 24, 2005

I Love My Life

Today was another relaxing day of doing nothing but sitting in the sun, reading, and listening to music. It feels like Im on vacation, but its nothing out of the ordinary here. Too bad it's all coming to an end.

Just being weird with the camera... but I think this is cool. Posted by Hello

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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Note to self:

Do not attempt to tune a violin if you have never done it before. This will result in multiple broken strings, which you do not know how to replace, wich will result in more broken strings. Dammit.

Around Town...

Trying to soak up as much of the tropics as possible...

Me on the beach, taken by Luke (you can see him in my glasses.) :) Posted by Hello

On The Strand at night Posted by Hello

Lukes birthday cheesecake Posted by Hello

More fungus... Posted by Hello

Little yellow one Posted by Hello

Bird of Paradise Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Oh, I am so good!

Im really excited because today I took my new/ used violin into a music shop to have it looked at. The first thing the guy said when he saw it was, "You said you got this second hand?" "Yes." "How much did you pay?" "$60." ::shakes head::... "Whats it worth?" I asked. "Well, the fingerboard is made of wood, and not plastic. So is the chin rest. Its definitely hand made... Id say to buy this new would be about $500. You got a good deal. "


So yeah, I had the missing string replaced and bought the rest of the set as well because the strings on there are old. (but violin strings are WAY expensive- about $45 a set!) At least I wont need new ones for a while. I think. I dont actually know much about it or even how to care for it, Im clueless. But I bought a beginner instruction book and can already bang out a D major scale! Even though it sounds like a goose in a blender.... Ha. Im still so happy!

Monday, June 20, 2005

The Great Car Fiasco

This weekend has been a little stressful. Not really on me, persay, but mostly on Luke. See, he is trying to sell his car. But in Queensland you need to have it inspected and achieve a certificate of roadworthyness, and heres where it all went terribly wrong...

He decided to take the car to the Hyundai dealer, thinking it would be reputable. Yet, somehow beween the time he dropped the car off in the morning and went to pick it up at night, they broke the clutch! Now, anyone who drives a manual knows how hard it is to burn out a clutch in one day... but they claim it "just went." Right. I dont buy it. All they had to do was move it from the parking lot into the garage. Not enough to burn out a clutch... I think they pushed it until they broke it and claimed it "just went" in order to scam money out of us. On top of this, they came up with over $3000 worth of things that they said needed to be fixed before it was road worthy! Absolute crap!! I was incensed and ranted for like 30 straight minutes. The car worked fine that very morning! Now I dont know much about cars but I know we replaced the catalytic converter less than 1 year go and it is good for about 150000 miles... so we do not need a new one nor does it cost $600 to replace like they said it did on the list they gave us. Even the cracked air vent -that Luke accidently punched -is not even remotely necessary to be replaced for the vehicle to be safe. And tons of other things just as annoying and unnecessary were included as well. It was such bull.

Needless to say, since the car was no longer drivable thanks to them, we had it towed to another mechanic who straight off the bat crossed of half the stuff on the list. It may yet need a new clutch but at least were not giving those bastards our money to fix it! HA. So hopefully it will work out with this new guy and Luke wont lose too much on the sale of the car by fixing it up and whatnot. Thats about all thats new. Work and beach for the rest of the week!

Friday, June 17, 2005


Below is my friend Tom, aka Tits, aka "The Reverend Tom Holland." He doesnt actually have tits, in fact, I dont know why we call him that, but thats Australia for you. He is wearing my beanie and his traditional aviator sunglasses. I add this because I said goodbye to him tonight, perhaps for the last time in a long while, and it made me sad. I started thinking of all the goodbyes to come and how hard it will be, especially to lose a character such as him. Few people can make me laugh as he does. But, I am confident I will see him somewhere someday! More confident than I am that I will see others, but we will see... I think I need sleep and to stop thinking about this. Night.

Tom Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Brilliant, Holmes!

Ive had a revelation. I realized that I can take still take high quality photos on my SLR camera by simply putting them on a cd instead of getting prints. Its as good as having a digital except for the fact that each cd costs $11 to make. Thats ok. At least I dont end up with 10000 prints I dont want and can edit them on the computer and print only the ones I want. So, Ive decided to keep my SLR for Thailand and put all the rolls of film I take on CDs. I dont know why I didnt think of it before. Not to mention, even a hardcore digital camera battery wont last 20 days of constant use... and I doubt there will be a place to charge it and upload photos on the back of an elephant. :o) So im happy thats solved.

Below Ive put some stuff I took recently with my film camera which I put on cd. Pretty high quality, as good as a digital I think, and with the magic of computers they look even better!

My green tree frog Posted by Hello

I like bugs Posted by Hello

Beware of jellyfish and falling coconuts! Posted by Hello

The 'Ville... view from Magnetic Island Posted by Hello

Me- Dressed for the Arctic... with dead dogs...? Posted by Hello

Handsome Posted by Hello

Monday, June 13, 2005

My Weekend in Pictures

Some shots from this weekend as described below....

Plastic bag trees (banana plants) Posted by Hello

Rainforest path Posted by Hello

Sugar cane fields Posted by Hello

The lower cafe, Paronella Park Posted by Hello

Theres a fungus amongus Posted by Hello

Waterfall, Paronella Park Posted by Hello

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