Thursday, July 14, 2005

Farewell, my surrogate homeland...

Well, this may very well be my last post from Australia. The final preparations have been made, my room is bare, my bags packed. Im not even sure how to feel right now. I can hardly believe that in less than 24 hours time I will be on my way to the airport and leaving the place that I have called "home" for the past few years. Tonight is dinner with all of my friends, the people who have changed me so much from the shy, reserved person I was at age 19 to the more confident, outgoing, adventurous person I have become. I dont know what made me come here, but I do know that after only 2 months here I knew I did not want to leave.

I always knew the day would come, though. It just seemed so far away. In some ways, it still does; I dont think the full magnatude of what is happeneing will hit me until I am on the plane, taking off, and watching the place and the people I love disappear behind me.

All I have to remember is what new and exciting things lay ahead of me, Thailand, England with Luke, putting down roots there, spending some time at home and getting back in touch with people I have not seen in way too long. Its all going to be wonderful. But, I cant promise that the next 24 hours will not be full of tears; if its possible to be in love with a place as well as a person, I am definitely a victim.

So, enough of my overemotional ranting. Those of you who check up on me regularly know im heading to Thailand tomorrow and I will probably not get to post nearly as often. I will certainly try to get to an internet cafe at some point to say how the trip is going, but I think a lot of the time will be spent hiking in the jungle where there is a substantial lack of internet connections... Ill be landing in the UK around the 3rd of august, so I should be able to start posting regularly again around then and have TONS of photos from Thailand. Well, wish me luck... and i suppose Ill see you all on the other side.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Well, the car is finally sold, not 3 days before we leave. The woman can't pay us till Friday and we leave Saturday morning at 11. Cutting it quite fine Id say! But, shes paying 6 grand in cash so thats good. To celebrate, Luke is taking me out to dinner at Cactus Jacks, my favorite Tex Mex place in town. Hooray. I still have a cold, and a pile of crap on my floor that i havent been able to pack, and I cant sleep, however. It is so weird to be dreading Saturday and looking forward to it all the same.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Annoyed (& 4 days till Thailand)

I am annoyed, if you could not tell from the title of this post. This mostly has to do with the fact that I have not slept in about 3 days, which for those of you who know me well, know lack of sleep makes me very cranky! I keep waking up every 2 hours for 30 minutes or so before dropping back off again. This, I can only assume, has to do with the stress of moving and leaving, having no money, and having to chuck out half of my posessions, while being criticized by my mother for "buying too much stuff while i was here." To which I responded, (in my head) "What was I supposed to do, live out of a suitcase for 3 years??"

No, no.. and, we still have not sold the car, now 4 days before we're ready to leave. Its getting serious... what does one do when they have a flight out of a country permanantly and cant get rid of their car? Its all very frustrating. I say goodbye to my fishies tonight, and Ive decided the best method of packing is to scoop everything onto my bed an sort through it bit by bit! This last week, without question, has been the most stressful one I have ever spent here. This includes the week when my foster kitten was put to sleep which was awful. I really need a holiday... 4 more days.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Some Photos to Add Colour

Shootin' Pool Posted by Picasa

More Pool Posted by Picasa

Leaving Australia: T- 6 days

Not much to say today. I managed to get to the RSPCA and go to work. I messaged a few people dinner this friday and thats about it! Where has the day gone, I ask you?? Hopefully Ill be more productive tomorrow. *sigh*

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Leaving Australia: T- 7 days

Here I am on my last Saturday night in Australia, and not passing it any differently than normal. A walk on The Strand, a drive with Luke, then a movie before going to bed. Whoo hoo.

I know this is boring but Im going to make a little list here of the things I have to accomplish this week so I dont forget. Its more for me than anything because I feel as though my head is about to explode with very urgent errands, which, if not taken care of in the next 7 days, will be left undone forever.

1. Drop used textbooks off at the bookshop
2. Drop by the real estate agent's office to get a reference for my English visa
3. Get my group certificate so i can get my taxes back
4. Bring back library books
5. Move my fish tank to Vivienne's house
6. Pack!
7. Ship stuff
8. Give away everything else i cant take home
9. Say goodbye to my friends :(
10. Going away dinner Friday night (everyone invited!)
11. Go to work tomorrow and Monday
12. Go to the RSPCA, drop off blankets for donation and get reference.
13. Bring 2nd lot of clothes to the Salvation Army

I know theres more but i cant think of it now. It looks like if I do one or 2 things a day I should be ok. It seems like theres way more to do than that. I guess because each task requires a drive across town, and theres about 25 people i have to go visit individually. Yikes, its all a little overwhelming. On top of all this is the fact that Im panicking about leaving, sad, nervous about going home, and very excited about Thailand, all at the same time!! I am on overload.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Pray for my guitar

Ive done it- Ive posted my baby home against my better judgement. Fingers crossed it will arrive in CT safely and in one piece! I miss it already. A whole month without playing. I wouldnt exactly say Im talented but it is such a major stress relief that its weird not having it at hand when I want it. I hope it makes it home ok!

At the Carnival...

Swings Posted by Picasa

Clowns Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Everyone's OK

So, our barbecue tonight was interrupted by a phone call. It was Roz.

"Can you get to a TV?" she asks
"We're on out way home soon, whats up?"
"Theres been an explosion in London. Just thought Luke should know."

Holy crap. We went straight home where Luke tried to call his family. All lines were busy and no one was answering. It was similar to after Sept. 11 when all cell phone service was down on the east coast, remember?

Eventually he got through but it took ages. Everyone is fine, the main concern being his sister who actually works on Liverpool St where one of the explosions was. It was really scary for a while, especially being so far away, and thinking everyone in America is still asleep, they wont know for another few hours. Luke was shaken but ok, he thinks they actually got off rather lightly compared with NYC and Bali. So, all is well with us, I hope everyone else is as lucky. Night all.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

London 2012!!

I was in the pub watching rugby with 2 Frenchmen and an Englishman (Luke) when I found out London won the bid. Awkward?? lol. Luke didnt want to rub it in in front of our French friends but he was stoked, and so was I! Ill BE in London in 2012! AWESOME.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

If you think you've had a bad day, read this...

Heart breaking. Absolutely heart breaking.

Luke has an aunt who was supposed to be getting married this weekend. All the wedding plans are set up, his mom, who is a dress maker, made the wedding dress and all the brides maid dresses. All systems were go. But then, the bride hurt her shoulder. Im not sure of the specifics, but she has to rest in bed until its better, so the wedding date was pushed back.

We were driving yesterday and Luke's phone goes off with a txt message. Its his mom. The message said simply. "Bad news. The weddings off. Funeral instead." His uncle-to-be had a heart attack while making a sandwich for his finace while she was laid up in bed.

Not too sure what else to say about that, but everyone go to the nearest family member or loved one and hug them. Now.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Photos from this week

Here are a couple from the day I was sunbathing and rolled into the 'itchy grass'. The sunset was from the rugby game Saturday night

Ladybug on my hand Posted by Picasa

Wallaby outside my window (can you see the joey in her pouch??) Posted by Picasa

Aussie sunset Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Not much to Blog

Well Ive sort of been at a lack of things to write about lately... Its not that Im not busy, on the contrary, I seem to be running out of time to do EVERYthing I need to do before I leave but, I dunno, it just doesnt seem worth blogging. Ill try anyway..

Last night we went to watch the Cowboys play the New Zealand Warriors in Rugby League for the last time before I go. They won. We sat in the top corner of the field on the lawn, which is incidently one of the closest points to the beer stall, so there were loads of drunk people yelling, "We're gonna make some Kiwi soup with you's tonight!" and other such nonsense. Im not sure if you are aware of the relationship between Oz and New Zealanders, but its rather like the relationship Americans have with Canadians. We love you, but we love to make fun of you too. :)

Tonight we went to the Townsville Show, which is the yearly carnival that travels and visits every major town in Australia. It was actually pretty fun. Luke and I went on 3 rides before we realized we werent 10 anymore and our stomachs couldnt take it. I got a "Show Bag," which are the ultimate goodie bags, and had real lemonade! (normally if you ask for lemonade you get Sprite- its hard to find what North Americans call "lemonade".

We also got our silhouettes cut out of black paper by this adorable 80-some odd- year- old man who had been doing it for like 50 years. It took him about 5 minutes to cut out these amazing likenesses of our profiles. I thought that was a real art and very unique. (and he gave us 2 for the price of one because he thought I was "very beautiful" LOL! I blush.)

So yeah, Im probably going again tomorrow with some other people since it lasts for 4 days- they even declare wendnesday a public holiday so everyone gets the day off work and goes to the carnival.... this country rocks.

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