Saturday, October 29, 2005

Oroit, innit??

Well here I am in London. And I have to say, all is right with the world. Its as if nothing happened with Luke and I earlier this month, it seems it was just a temporary glitch in his male programming and we are just as strong as we were before the incident, if not, more so. Yey.

When I arrived Thursday morning, it was an astounding 78 degrees and sunny!! CT was about 50 something- so I immediately shed my trench coat for a light sweater, which was, pardon the expression- bloody fantastic. I hate the cold, especially after living in Queensland where it rarely gets below 60.

Today of course, it has reverted to its usual gray skies and looks as though its about to pour at any moment. But, tonight is going to be awesome. I cant remember what I mentioned and what I didn't, with my computer at home refusing to post half the stuff I write, but my sister decided to come down from Scotland to visit as well this weekend, so we are going into the city to bum around today while Luke plays football, then tonight we are meeting up with two of our friends from Thailand, my best friend from home, Luke's sis and her boyfriend and another of Luke's friends, and were going to a comedy club in town. The comedy is usually pretty good, and afterwards they push all the tables out of the way and turn it into a night club. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone and it promises to be a fun evening.

On the plane, I was thinking a lot about 'home', and where that actually is for me. I grew up American, that's for sure. But while I was in Oz, I felt anything but American. (Ausmerican, some called me, which I liked) There really is nothing like seeing your culture from someone else's point of view. (And being American, that view isnt always what you might like) So maybe that's why I started to feel a little bit of animosity toward my own nation- you hear people telling you what's wrong with something enough, you start to believe it. But as much as I loved being a quasi- Australian, I'm not as intimidated by America as much as when I first got home and I almost feel as though I could live here again- someday. So as if having two countries you love isn't complicated enough, we throw England into the mix- my future home. There is so much still to get used to here; how expensive it is, how its impossible to get anything done without a song and dance, the traffic, the weird laws, and how no one can ever seem to understand my accent, to name a few. But if there's one phrase I can live by, its 'When in Rome, do as the Romans do.' You get used to things by living them, and no culture is impossible to pick up if you spend enough time there. So, I am a mutt. Where I will finally settle is still a mystery, but I'm ok with a new adventure- Ill be speaking Cockney rhyming slang before you know it.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

You havegot to bekidding me

Imso annoyed right now that icant even be bothered by the fact that my space bar isnt working and its mushing together a lot of the words. Bascially I just wrote out a big long post and whenI hit publish it disappeared never to return. Also, IMhavingtrouble posting photos. ARG. my computer really is failing.its practically useless at doing,well, ANYTHING WHATSOEVER! Ive been messing with it for over an hour now and this is what I have to show for it.

Anyway, Imoff to London this week so I may notget to update. Im sure everything will be fine, so i will write when I get a chance and yet you know how it goes. Now I have to get off this darnedmachine and goto bed before I end up throwing it against the wall in anger. Sorry this post is so messy, ihad a betterone earlier, really i did!

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Friday, October 14, 2005

Work? You mean like.... for money??

Ok, so I really need to find a job. It looks as though, through careful consideration, going through a temping agency is the route that best fits my current situation, ie, runnng off to London once a month. Even though the jobs I will be given will invariably SUCK, and its not anything resembling a career, it does give me the freedom to live how I want to at the moment, and it keeps me out of bed till noon as I have been for the last 2 days.

However, I have never really seen myself as one of those people that could do one thing for a very long period of time. Even the novelty of a job you do enjoy seems to wear off after a while. To be quite frank, I dont think I overly mind being in a situation where I have to change jobs a lot... saves me getting bored. Although I think I came close with the job at the stable... the idea that someone would actually pay me to play with horses is something I cant quite fathom... it was a childhood obsession of mine that was always just out of my reach since we couldnt afford it. Oh well. Once aweek will have to do, and as long as i still have that, and the knowledge that I am working on going to England, its enough to keep me sane at any boring desk job I might acquire.

So Im outta here for tonight... Lauren put up loads more great pictures from Vermont including a few of me looking like a complete dork, as I do. So go check 'em out. And check out her new online store! Its about time, is all I can say! You know where to find the link. -------->

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Thursday again

Wow, I just do not know where this week has gone! So much has happened lately and yet I still feel like I am going nowhere. I promised my friend Brian under penalty of death that I would go to the temping agency tomorrow and get a job. The horse lady wouldnt hire me full time because she said I didnt have enough experience, but still agreed to let me come in on a casual basis like once a week or whenever she needs me, cuz i guess she though I had potential. Thats cool.

Today's news: in light of everything that has happened with Luke lately, I will be making a trip to London at the end of this month to spend some quality time with him; let me tell you it is much needed. It totally sucks not being able to see him without spending a fortune and taking a week off of the job i dont have yet... but I just keep reminding myself it's not permanant.

Also, thanks to everyone for your support and concern while all that was going on, it feels nice to know you care even though many of us dont really know each other. God bless blog buddies. :) Now I must rest my failing hard drive (that is not a metaphor, my computer actually is freaking out and about to explode) and yeah, i guess im off to bed also.

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Monday, October 10, 2005


Well, I had a fantastic weekend up in Vermont with Lauren and Dave. Much of the time was spent laughing and playing cribbage which I never knew how to play before but was pretty fun. It was really relaxing and exactly what I needed after a stressful week of worrying about Luke.

With whom, by the way, everything is fine! I wont bore you with the details but after much talking we have managed to work things out.. and Im hoping I can go over to England and visit earlier than I was supposed to, at the end of this month... man, life can be hectic. But I feel I need this visit to help our relationship... most couples dont have to deal with a trans-atlantic flight just to comfort one another in a time of need, but there you go.

So, I took over 4 rolls of film this weekend, and Lauren took over 1000 pictures on her digital! Unfortunately, I do not have the funds to develop the film... so you may have to rely on Lauren for some pictures of this weekend.. Oh yeah, and a video of us doing an impromptu night hike... she left out the part where Dave did his Blair Witch impression which was HYSTERICAL, but Ill admit had some.. eh.. coarse language.. but you can use your imagination. Go to Lauren's blog on the right hand side of my page to watch the vid and hopefully soon see some pictures!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Remember back to a post I did in May where I posted a photo of the house my mom and step father were trying to buy? WELL, after almost 6 months of negotiating we just found out today that we got the house! Congrats to my mom and Scott! Heres the picture- its a very beautiful house in Middlebury, CT: House

Kickin' it

Definitely havent been doing a whole heck of a lot this week... Im still waiting to hear back from the people about the horse job, and Im still waiting for Luke to call me... I dont think we have ever gone this long without speaking and I would have thought he would want to make more of an effort to resolve this. Im the one that has the right to be angry and yet Im the one who opted to send an email saying we should discuss it... it seems he has completely cut me off as he has not replied to that either and it has been 3 days. I dont know. Ive never really been one to complain about my partner over stupid things and normally Luke doesnt do stupid things that I feel I need to b*tch about, but he is being so MALE!

Anyway, im hopefully heading up to Vermont this weekend with Lauren, which I am PSYCHED about! I havent seen her since I have been home, and for sure havent seen enough of her for the last, i dunno, 6 or 7 years?? We have known each other since we were 4 years old, have gone different paths and somehow always manage to get back together at some point and find that neither of us has really changed. :) Im also looking forward to meeting Dave, who I have heard SO much about but have never met. So, early next week I should have some good stories and some nice photos of New England foliage. Having something to look forward to is probably the only thing thats keeping me sane right now while Im trying to figure out what the heck is going on with my life.

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