Friday, April 21, 2006


Well, ive been on the job for 4 days now, today is my first day off, and I am getting a 3 day weekend for what I am told will probably be the first and last time. The work isnt too bad, a little monotonous at times but I believe I am being tracked to take over the aquatics department eventually, since the normal fish expert was promoted to junior management. Thats a good thing, because I have been keeping my own aquariums since I was about 12 and know quite a bit about it, if I do say so myself. Also if you rermember I was working in a fish shop part time in Australia as well, so I am actually quite in my element. Sometimes I even impress myself; I spat out a fact about Knife fish to a guy who was wondering why he never saw his fish, why they were always hiding. "they're nocturnal", I said, not being sure whether I'd just made that fact up. Turns out I was completely right, though I have never owned a Knife fish and dont ever remember reading they were nocturnal. So thats going well. And they may be paying for me to take a dog training course which is something I was going to do myself, but hey, if theyre going to do it for me, why should I pay for it somewhere else??

And today I finally pick up my new-used car. We have been running around trying to sort out bank loans and insrance and faxing 50 million things to different people, and finally, its done. I will be mobile as from 12 noon today.

I finally feel as though Im getting some permanance in my life. (if a lot of bills means permanance, then stuff it) Like, its the first time in many years that I find myself not waiting or wanting to take off to some faraway place again. I guess thats growing up. However I will never lose my desire to travel, I still want to go everywhere- and I will- but just not now. Nows down time.

Monday, April 17, 2006

I want to SLEEP!

Its 2.30 a.m.. I am still awake and its making me crazy. I got a job which starts tomorrow morning at 7a.m., and it doesn't look like ill be asleep anytime soon. My little job is part time at PetCo, a chain of pet stores in the area. The money sucks, but at least im not starting at minimum wage and after all, it's only temporary until I can get my resume out to schools. Assuming I get hired, that contract wont start until September so I need something to do in the mean time. Too bad I will be falling asleep on my first day!!

Its just that I have a lot on my mind. The other thing that's keeping me up is that I am probably getting a car tomorrow!! Its a 2002 Honda Civic Si, and its pretty awesome. Silver. Manual transmission. Hatchback. Pretty damn sporty. So, I guess I should go and try to scrape at least 3 hours of sleep so im not screwed for tomorrow. Ill post some pics of my car when I get a chance, fingers crossed for me tomorrow. *yawn*

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Isnt it funny how as soon as I get home to CT I seem to have nothing to talk about? I have been here a week now and I am adjusting to America all over again. Luke's job here has basically entitled him to a car with fuel paid for and a paycheck an a cell phone basically as soon as he stepped off the plane. I, however, have a bit more work to do... If I get my resume in order by about Thursday I may have a shot at getting some interviews at some private schools as an art teacher. I cant remember if I mentioned that I might want to go into teaching.. but it seems like a very logical career path for me. Im ok at art- not fantstic but I have had experience in ceramics, painting and drawing, photography, and stone cutting, and im sure other things that Im forgetting as well, so i can draw on that to teach others what I know. Who knows. Im actually terrified and dont know if I can do it, but the vacation time is good and as with most things, Ill probaby find I CAN do it after the initial fear wears off.

The weather this week has been fantastic! Keep it up! Its the first nice few days Ive had since last august and I mean to enjoy every minute of it! I need to think of some outdoor-sy hings to do to keep my mind off the fact that I need work and things will be just fine. Im finally going to be in one place for more than 3 months!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Old stuff

I was just randomly looking through my blog archives and came across this post. Hysterical. My family is nuts.

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