Sunday, May 28, 2006

My ferret rules the house...

This is my ferret Einstein:


One of the down (or up, depending on how you look at it) sides of working at a pet store is that people drop off lots of animals that they dont want anymore for whatever reason, and you- I mean I- feel obliged to give as many of them as I can a good home. Or at least thats what Luke says I do. I say, Ive always wanted to have a ferret and when a free one with a cage and everything came along I just couldnt say no.

Let me just say that he is constant entertainment. He is practically rubber and bounces from room to room making anything into a toy and purposely trying to go exactly where I dont want him to be. All my plants are completely destroyed. He occasionally misses the litter box, and he is obsessed with his furry squeaky toy and always checks to make sure it's in its proper place in the left corner of the top floor of his cage. Hes a riot. Ive had him a month and hes one of the most enjoyable pets Ive ever had! Posted by Picasa


...Sometimes he's cute... Posted by Picasa

But sometimes even this doesnt help... Posted by Picasa

  Posted by Picasa


They can fit into or under almost anything- in fact it's damn near impossible to keep them in one room... Posted by Picasa

  Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

One Year Blog-iversary!

I just realized that my last post, May 7th, was my one year Blog anniversary! Go me! Its hard to imagine myself a year ago sitting at my desk in my room in Australia, still happy there but painfully aware that my time there was coming to an end. I still had days to spend at The Strand and nights out at The Club with my friends, weekends in Cairns and random nights on the town. Now, almost an entire year later, I still miss it so, so, so much. People kept telling me Id get used to it here and the memories would fade, but that hasnt happened yet and I doubt it will. Im busy, and that keeps my mind off it, (most of the time) but I still wish just about every day that I was still there. Sure, CT is ok and Luke is here with me, and I like my job and car, but it just doesnt compare with how happy I was Down Under....

Anyway... thats about all thats new at the moment. Work and home, home and work. More later when i have a sec.

Sunday, May 07, 2006



This is my dog Becky playing in the snow. Im entering this into a pet photo compteition. Wish me luck! Posted by Picasa

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