Saturday, July 29, 2006

Plan C


We found out yeaterday that there is no way, job or no job, that Luke can come and be in the US. Our government is so profoundly screwed up that if at all, it would take years and years to even get him close to getting a visa to be here, and even then they could still deport him.

Our options are as follows:

Plan a) Get married. Neither of us are financially or emotionally ready for this, and it would involve a fly by night ceremony in Las Vegas, just enough to prove that he is married to a US citizen and therefore is allowed to stay and eventually to work. We know this will happen eventually, but we want a little more warning and a little more time to plan, and not have to get married because of a visa or deadline.

Plan b) I would go and do a year's teacher certification course in the UK until which time we are ready to get married, and meanwhile I would come home with a small degree which would put me in a good place to become a teacher in a private school when I come back. This option is out, because the deadline for applying for these courses which start in September, was June. In order to do it I would have to apply now for NEXT september. Not waiting that long.

Plan c) Both of us return to Australia for a year to do the teacher's training course at the same university I graduated from. This is good, but is a long way away and involves uprooting again. The uni terms in Australia start in February as opposed to september so there is still substantial time to plan for this.

Plan d) Luke gets a student visa and comes to Connecticut to study. This is a good option because it lets us keep the life we have been building for the past few months here, and it gets him another qualification. It is bad because American universities are EXTREMELY expensive if you live here, let alone if youre form overseas. Were talking upwards of $35,000 a year! I dont want him to have to take out a loan that size when we could BOTH get degrees and live in Oz for less than that...

SO thats where I am. I dont know where "that" is exactly, but were working on figuring something out. Money plays a big role, but so does proximity to somewhere familiar. I dont know. My head hurts and everything Im doing seems pointless because I dont know how long I will be here to enjoy it and do it. What the hell. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Some Italy photos

Heres a smallish selection of photos from my trip! I tried to put up most of my favorites so enjoy. This has taken me forever to do because of slow internet and slow computer, so i have to run now, but the update is that Lukes work permit has been rejected by the government and he had to stay in England without me. We dont know when he will be able to come back but the new immigration lawyer we have thinks were looking at November at the EARLIEST. Why do things always have to be so complicated? Anyway, have a look at the pictures and Im outta here.

Group shop- Capri Posted by Picasa

Luke as gondoleer (sp?) -Love the elastic band.. Posted by Picasa

The Pope Posted by Picasa

Amazing pizza Posted by Picasa

A very red moon Posted by Picasa

Santa Margherita- the Riviera Posted by Picasa

Venice Posted by Picasa

Venice Posted by Picasa

Venice Posted by Picasa

Murano Glass blowing workshop Posted by Picasa

  Posted by Picasa

  Posted by Picasa

Sunflower fields Posted by Picasa

Luke and Me- Capri Posted by Picasa

Trevi Fountain at night Posted by Picasa

  Posted by Picasa

Colleseum Walls- Rome Posted by Picasa


Florence by night Posted by Picasa


Boats- Capri Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Back Again


Funny how it turned out; the team I was so angry with in my last post ended up winning the whole damn world cup and I was cheering for them in the end. The atmosphere was off the hook, incidently, and though we were only in Venice for the final which is comparatively really quiet, the few locals were going nuts and jumping off the bridges into the canals and lighting fireworks and smoke thingys. I can only imagine what Rome must have been like.

The trip on the whole was really fantastic and though I am not going to get into detail now, I will have many pictures and stories once I get all my film developed on Tuesday when I get home. I am still in England at the moment.

Im also kind of stressed out because the time is finally coming when Luke has to try to get back into America with me when they already flagged his passport last time and told him he was "coming there too often". His work permit still has not come through after 6 months of waiting, and were afraid he might get sent back to England while he waits for it to be approved. He thinks he shouldnt bother coming back at all until we hear one way or another to avoid getting in trouble at US customs... so Im realy worried. The wheel of confusion that is my life continues to turn. And just when I thought everything was settling down Im faced with more possible months of seperation and its all because of the US government being rediculously slow and anal. I wont go on a political rant, but let me just say that every US customs official and member of the "department of homeland security" can die a slow and painful death in the far reaches of Hell, because you all make my life a living nightmare. And what did I ever do to you?

Whew. Anyway, Im trying not to get TOO worked up over it and maybe enjoy a little of the warm weather England has been having. Ill give the update when Im home in a few days. Posted by Picasa

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