Thursday, August 17, 2006

Well now...

It seems I am engaged to be married!

Not in the traditional sense, mind you. Due to the complications of my life we have decided to go the quick and simple route for the time being, which is getting married in a registry office just to sign the papers and get Luke's Green Card process started.

Just the kind of wedding a girl always wanted!

Anyhoo, we applied for the UK marriage visa today so the ball is rolling. Fingers crossed for us, with any luck I will be on my way to England to get married sometime in early October!

Afraid? You bet I am.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

I Accept your challenge!

I have been tagged by Mel to come up with 5 weird or interesting things abut myself! "This should be easy" I thought. "Im pretty weird." But im finding it a touch harder that I thought it would be!. Let me give it a try:

1. I hate crumbs. I.e, soggy bread bits. I meticulously pick off crumbs from vegetables that might have been in contact with bread that im not eating as part of a sandwich. For this same reason I dont dunk cookies in milk, put crackers in soup, or eat cereal because thay all have gooey chunks of soggy bread that gross me out.

2.If Im in a bad mood, I always feel better after annoying Luke in some way. Does this make me sadistic? Probably. He pointed it out and at first I denied it, but its a fact. If im down, and i tickle him or give him a shoe wedgie or something like that that he generally doesnt like, it makes me laugh and i feel better. Its all playful of course, but still a little worrysome.

3. I am a compulsive shopaholic. Hopefully someday when I have a family time will be spent buying things for them instead of me. Thats what I keep telling myself. I dont have a problem. lol.

4. I have bitten my fingernails for as long as I can remember. Cant stop. Dont even want to. Thats right.

5. I also sucked my thumb until i was about 6 years old. Thats about school aged, and Im not sure how unusual this is. Its probably the same oral fixation that keeps me biting my fingernails though. How Freudian.

I just read these over and i sound like a complete psychopath! Yay! lol. But it was fun. now I will tag....

1. Lauren
2. Tyson
3. Raymond
4. Patrick
5. anyone else who wants to!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Ignore this

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Sunday I went to Sturbrudge Village with Lauren and Sean, just for something random to enjoy on our day off. I am not going to put up many pics from it because, well, Im lazy. Lauren put up a bunch too, so go to her blog to see those.

She also posted this one:
But I had to too because it cracks me up. It's cleverly entitled "Sarah-cop and the Little Drummer Midget." :)

Nothing else new in life. However it looks like Luke and I are leaning toward another year in Australia rather than rushing into getting married. Its a horrible decision to have to make either way, but we cant go on living like this. Nothings definite yet but were working on it. Im scared though. Posted by Picasa

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Yes, I do enjoy using Lauren's macro lens. Posted by Picasa

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I decided since Im bored and sweating out my remaining life force that I would post a few photos from when my sister and I went to the Henley Royal Regatta at the beginning of July. It was quite an experience. Dressing up was fun, we were in the enclosure so there was a pretty strict dress code... notsomethign I do often and hanging out with posh people really intimidates me normally, but I like rowing and knew what was going on, so I didnt feel like I was there just for show. It was a lovely day, so enjoy some snapshots.
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It... is... so.... HOT

I think Im going to explode! The humidity is making it feel like 115 degrees F out today! I dont even KNOW what that is in celsius.. around 40 something Id imagine...and I heard that on the radio, Im not making it up. It is severly hot. Thank God it never really stays like this for more than a week around here. And Im bored. it looks like my mom and sister are staying down in Middlebury tonight at the other house and I am left home alone in the hot-box of bristol all by myself. I with I had something productive to do. Or at least someone to hang with! Anyway, looks like Ill just be sitting here sweating by myself all night. Yey. I hope wherever you are in blog-land its way cooler than it is here!

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