Saturday, September 23, 2006

A poem

I wrote this a long time ago when i was still in school but I wanted to repost it because I amuse myself.

Working Hard, or Hardly Working?

Do you ever notice
that when you have a task you dread
you find a million other "necessary"
chores to do instead?

Like, I haven't cleaned my room in weeks
but today seems like the day
to vaccume up the potato chip crumbs
and put all my clothes away.

Then Ill alphabetize my CD case
and straighten out my books,
give myself a manicure
and put all my towels on their hooks.

And right now seems ike the perfect time
to polish my guitar
and while Im taking out the trash,
I think Ill stop and wash the car.

Then it's do a load of laundry,
sit down and have a drink,
then while Im in the kitchen,
do all the dishes in the sink.

Even writing stupid poems
is a form of procrastination
and a testimony of my laziness
and lack of organization.

Add in a lot of pacing
and you pretty much have my day.
Because Ill do just about anything
to avoid this dumb essay.


Thursday, September 21, 2006

RIP Becky


Today we put my dog down. She was 13.5 years old and it was time. Theres not much to say here other than that B was a sweet dog and she will be missed. Part of me is glad she was able to go painlessly, peacefully, and with her dignity, but the emotional side of me will always say it was too soon. Good girl. Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 11, 2006

Guess What...?


Yeah, yeah. Ive been crap at updating latey. Things have been hectic and boring all at the same time. I suppose stressful woud be more than appropriate than hectic. Nothings moving as far as Luke and I being together any time soon and its driving me crazy. In addition to that, my sis goes back to school in Scotland today so things are getting pretty lonely already.

Thats about it. Afraid nothing is going on of note... as soon as I know Ill put it up... and trust me, no one hopes that's soon more than me! Posted by Picasa

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