Thursday, October 26, 2006


So, i bet youre wondering why ive put up a lot of random photos from everywhere.. basically i heard about an internet site called jpg magazine where they publish photos and people come and vote for the best, so i thought id give a try to submitting a few. So go vote for me if you can figure out how! lol. my brain is fried right now or else id provide the link. Photography has been my only escape from weddings and other problems plaguing me lately so ive been snapping like crazy... though i cant afford to develop the film here, even on cds. anyway, here are some of my favs, old and new. The themes were "tourism and the faraway world" and "embracing the blurry" enjoy.
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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Forgive my slurring

There are 2 reasons for this... one, is that i got my nails done and i cant type properly because im not sused to them being long. The other reason is that I have had a litte bit of wine and i have let my alcahol tolerance drp i the last couple iof weeks and am fairly buzzed. Therefore, i cannot be bothered to coerrect any of my numerous typing rerrors! HA.

So, england. Yeah, england makes me want to dress nice and go to parties. I dont know why, but it has always been. Theres something about the Enghish peple that is so formal that i just want to put on a cocktail dress or a blazer and sip tea and/or wine. I have the wine part down. As far as wedding plannig, i have booked the ophotographer, chosen the flowers, and Lukes mom and I have made good progress on the wedding dress! Unfortunately, i still do not have an engagement ring! It is apparently being custom made from a design luke came up with (aww) and is taking longer than expected... so long infact that i will not have it until 2 weeks before the ceremony. But no matter.

I miss everyone at home so much! Why does it always happen that as soon as I settle down in a plac i end up moving to some toher foreign country that it takes me 6 months to get used to by which time its time to leave agauin? I was miserable my first year in America, and it literally took until i found my job, got a car, and made new friends that i really started to feel like i fit in... lo and behold, 3 months after i start to feel that way i am whisked away to another foreign land.. where, incidentally, i am the foreigner once again. This place is weird. Dont get me wrong... yay england and everything... but there are such cultural dfferences sometimes that are prominent yet so subtle... which can make them all the more annoying.

Anyway, sorry about my 'waffling on' which is a british term for 'spinning bullshit' but it is the wine, i promise you. I have nothing more of interest to say, and with that im going to wartch season 8 of the simpsons that i bought on DVD and have sme more wine while in bed. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Into the Swing of Things

So, I hadn't really realized just how Americanized I had become over the last few months of living on my own in the US of A. Maybe it's just because I'm tired and jet lagged, but I keep doing things like trying to get in on the driver's side door as a passenger and occasionally still think oncoming traffic is on the wrong side of the road and heading right toward me. I keep startling myself when I hear people's accents and forget where I am. It feels like home... but it is not.

As for seeing Luke for the first time in 3 months...It was weired for a while, but in a nice way. For the first few times he spoke to me I responded with something like, "Its that voice Ive been hearing for 3 months! Hello, Voice! Youre real again!" It didnt take long before things started to get back to normal and calm down, but that initial feeling of seeing someone you havent seen in a long time always still overwhelms me.

Now, Its on to the wedding plans. We have 5 weeks to basically do the whole thing. I wont bore you with details, but suffice to say theres a lot to do. Anyway, I am pretty beat so im going to leave this for now... I have another full day tomorrow of organizing things, and my sister is coming down from Scotland for a visit which I am really looking forward to. Until then, its rest and reflection for me.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Off again


Well, today is my last day of work at Petco. I have to say, I am actually really sad. I met some really cool people there and enjoyed doing the job- a hobby that i have anyway. I will definitely miss it and (just about) everyone there.

So, Tuesday I am off to England to begin my part in the wedding plans... thus far Luke has done just about everything... he has booked a venue, some entertainment, tuxes, etc. I basically have to show up and get a photographer (something I insisted on picking) choose the menu, and various little things like table settings and cakes... as you can tell Im fairly nonchalant about these things... as far as Im concerned I thought I was going to be going into the town hall and signing a piece of paper, and lo and behold my entire family wants to fly over and come too... so its turned into something a bit bigger. But thats ok, i just wish i was there for the planning of it! The date is November 17th... less than 6 weeks.

Oh yeah, and i dont think i mentioned this but its pretty cool; Luke's mom is a professional wedding dress maker and I can have any dres I want in the entire world! So anyway, I went to this boutique in Westport, CT to try on dresses to get an idea, and there was a Trunk show by this designer Anne Barge.. i thought the dresses were a little too foofy (is that a word?) for me but i tried one of them on anyway, and fell in love with it. It fit like a glove. It was fun to move in (felt like walking through a snow drift) and it looked effing hot. This is what it looks like in case anyone's curious. So, because its a trunk show, that means that those dresses were straight from the runway, and get travelled around to different stores for people to see... so its probably that the dress I tried on is the EXACT dress from that picture. I think thats pretty cool because i felt like a model. :) And so what if its a $4000 dress?!?!? I have my own seamstress to create it for me! Muahaha.

So, it might be a while before i get to blog, with packing and travelling over the next week, but I will give the update when I get over The Pond. In the mean time, take care and farewell, CT... again. Posted by Picasa

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