Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Forgive my slurring

There are 2 reasons for this... one, is that i got my nails done and i cant type properly because im not sused to them being long. The other reason is that I have had a litte bit of wine and i have let my alcahol tolerance drp i the last couple iof weeks and am fairly buzzed. Therefore, i cannot be bothered to coerrect any of my numerous typing rerrors! HA.

So, england. Yeah, england makes me want to dress nice and go to parties. I dont know why, but it has always been. Theres something about the Enghish peple that is so formal that i just want to put on a cocktail dress or a blazer and sip tea and/or wine. I have the wine part down. As far as wedding plannig, i have booked the ophotographer, chosen the flowers, and Lukes mom and I have made good progress on the wedding dress! Unfortunately, i still do not have an engagement ring! It is apparently being custom made from a design luke came up with (aww) and is taking longer than expected... so long infact that i will not have it until 2 weeks before the ceremony. But no matter.

I miss everyone at home so much! Why does it always happen that as soon as I settle down in a plac i end up moving to some toher foreign country that it takes me 6 months to get used to by which time its time to leave agauin? I was miserable my first year in America, and it literally took until i found my job, got a car, and made new friends that i really started to feel like i fit in... lo and behold, 3 months after i start to feel that way i am whisked away to another foreign land.. where, incidentally, i am the foreigner once again. This place is weird. Dont get me wrong... yay england and everything... but there are such cultural dfferences sometimes that are prominent yet so subtle... which can make them all the more annoying.

Anyway, sorry about my 'waffling on' which is a british term for 'spinning bullshit' but it is the wine, i promise you. I have nothing more of interest to say, and with that im going to wartch season 8 of the simpsons that i bought on DVD and have sme more wine while in bed. Wish me luck.


At 9:30 PM, Blogger Mel & Seigo said...

Glad to see everything's coming along...not long to go now, huh?

At 9:42 PM, Blogger Lauren said...

God I wish I was there with you. We could put fake tattoos on our foreheads.

At 7:15 PM, Anonymous Haze xx said...

You can't not love London though-won't take long to grow back into it-it's beautiful! Are you free much atm?? I think I'm in London weekend after next... I have to say I don't think us English are very formal at all-look at me and Luke!! Keep smiling and drinking the lovely wine :) xxxxx


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